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PlastyShack™ Corporate Overview

We at PlastyShack want to be your Plastic Hobby Shop.  PlastyShack is the place where you can learn about and use plastic products to explore the wonderful world of plastics. We offer how-to and knowledge articles, including videos; and other valuable information to help you use plastic products while learning about the intricate properties of plastics. For example, did you know that scientists have invented a self repairing plastic? Yes, it heals itself when a crack develops due to stress. Such advanced technologies are just over the horizon. Americaís young scientists can explore ideas about pursuing careers in the wonderful field of Chemical Engineering. Not all plastics are created equal. Some plastics can endure high temperatures and extreme chemicals while others are made to duplicate the optical properties of glass.  When you think of a project that uses plastics, you can shop for all the materials in one place, PlastyShack.

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